How to avoid a Tax Audit

Posted By Joe Lavoie on Apr 14, 2015 |

Are you afraid of being audited?  The chances are relatively low(around 1%) but you can attract attention from the IRS if you are doing the following:


Mistakes on your tax returns – Make sure to double check all your numbers(could be math or social security errors)


Large charitable donations – this may include property so you must file a Form 8323 for anything over $500


Neglect to report part of your income – the IRS gets a copy of all 1099 or W-2 forms


Claiming a home-office deduction – Make sure to prove that your working space is actually where you do work


Posting your questionable deductions on social media outlets – Be careful what you post.  Your Facebook friends may be hired by the IRS to catch tax evaders!


You should always be prepared for a tax audit no matter how much integrity you have with your records.  If you need assistance you can always Contact Joe Lavoie to get your books in order!